Microservices for Dummies

Microservices Orchestration View

Firstly ... Who should be bothered ?

Secondly … Why should one be bothered ?

Few initial questions?

  1. One of our customers, needed the ability to add promotions on an as needed basis, which involved customer (or) customer segment specific promotions, market promotions, offers and such in a time senstive manner. The current software involved going back to developers, who took a lot of time (1–2 months) to make this change, as they were combining this with other software changes, by which time these promotions would be worthless (and business is lost of other competitors). Splitting away just the promotion part of product as a Microservice, and hosting as a Self Service (to business) solved this problem.
  2. Customer portal was to be configured for different types of customers, and for different continents, each with its own customizations. Making a Multi-tenant, Multi-Currency, Multi-language & shared portal, became too complicated to manage, especially to test changes to ensure others are not impacted with new changes. Splitting out each of the portals as a different UI layer (Micro service) each with its own different link, but pointing to the same backend via APIs made changes to each of them much slicker.
  3. Customer wanted to append an additional invoicing functionality to their current online offering which was currently absent, along with integration into ERP and Financial systems, for Order capture and accounting purposes respectively. Enhancing the software with a new invoicing Microservice integrated with existing software along with additional integration into Financial system made this functionality achievable without having to replace the entire system
  4. Another customer, wanted to rip and replace a legacy software with a new Cloud hosted solution, providing serious cost saving benefits around IT Infrastructure cost. After due deligence, we proposed to write the whole functionality from scratch upwards. Build from scratch might be a good option, sometimes, where the whole is a collection of Microservices.

Whats with the Jargons?

Microservices along with other Software Landscape



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